Why study French in Bar Ilan University?

Why choose French Studies?
France was and still is a prominent superpower from the political and economic perspectives, but most importantly – from the cultural perspective. The influence of French culture far exceeds the borders of France, a remnant of an era when France was a global empire, ruling Africa, South East Asia and North America. 

The Knowledge of the French language, culture and history is imperative in many fields, and required for work in the UN, the OECD, and many other international organizations. Therefore, a degree in this field provides graduates with a significant competitive advantage in the job market.

Israel has established close diplomatic and commercial relations with France, and a degree in French Studies opens the door to many high-profiled career options in finances, diplomacy, administration, media, telecom, advertising and high-tech. A degree in French Studies also prepares graduates for a career as translators and interpreters, two professions currently in high demand both locally and internationally.

Why study in the Department of French Culture at Bar-Ilan?

Because ours is the best and only Department of French Culture in Israel
The Department of French Culture at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for a B.A. degree, which includes courses in French culture, literature, linguistics and history, and study tracks for M.A. (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D. degrees.

Because of our versatile, multidisciplinary curriculum
The Department of French Culture puts great emphasis on the study of culture and language of one of the most illustrious cultures of Western civilization, as well as offering courses whenever possible on Francophone literature and culture from Quebec, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean.

The Department's study Program is versatile and flexible, enabling each student to design his or her own curriculum. The Department of French Culture is well known as being young and dynamic, and courses are held in an informal, free-spirited form. We also offer classes in Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Rhetoric, Argumentation and Sociolinguistics; in intensive academic French-language classes from Beginners to Advanced levels leading, as well as to BA degrees, to the internationally recongnized certificate in French-language acquisition, the DELF.

Because of our emphasis on Judeo-French identity
Throughout history, French Jews have filled an important function in Jewish philosophy and values, and since the Age of Enlightenment – during which France became the first to grant equality to its Jewish citizens – the French Jews have also taken a major role in shaping French culture and heritage. 

The Department of French Culture at Bar-Ilan University is the only one in the world to dedicate specific courses to the study of the Judeo-French identity and culture, through its representation in French literature and history, including anti-Semitism in France, France during the Holocaust, and the image of French Jews throughout history.

Because of the theoretical emphasis on discourse analysis   
Bar-Ilan's Department of French Culture has unique courses dedicated to the study of French rhetoric, debate and discourse. The Department's specialty in these fields positions it at the forefront of research in such areas as printed journalism and other media.

Because this is a fast track to a Ph.D. Degree
Studies at the Department greatly contribute to the academic and professional prestige of our graduates. An M.A. (with thesis) in French Studies can lead to the Ph.D. study track for those wishing to pursure a career in research, to a teacher's diploma for those wishing to teach French at secondary school level, or to any number of other career options.

Because of internationally acclaimed faculty members 
Faculty Members at Bar-Ilan's Department of French Culture are some of the world's most experienced and renowned experts and researchers in their fields, having established numerous academic collaborations with leading institutions.  Our professors publish books and articles in prestigious journals all over the world, and are sought-after lecturers in professional conferences and conventions.

Because of the study environment
In 2006 the Department of French Culture relocated to a new state-of-the-art building on the Northern campus. The spacious building includes a highly advanced multmedia conference hall and technology labs and classes. The Department's library is considered the largest and best of its kind in the Middle East with a collection of over 35,000 books and journals, as well as a well-stocked videotheque.