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Prof. Galia Yanoshevsky

Bâtiment 1004 Kort, 3e étage, bureau 404
Fields of Interest

Discourse Analysis, analyse du discours, Rhetoric, rhétorique, French Literature, Littérature française du 20 et 21eme siècles, visual rhetoric and argumentation, photobooks and guidebooks, tourism studies, guides touristiques, contemporary French literature

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    As professor in the Department of French Culture at Bar Ilan University I specialize in both French literature and Discourse Analysis. I was initially interested in the New Novel in France (le Nouveau Roman), to which I devoted a book (Les discours du Nouveau Roman: Essais, Entretiens, Débats [The discourses of the New Novel: Essays, Interviews, Debates], Septentrion 2006), as well as numerous articles on the theoretical writings of Nathalie Sarraute (Revue des sciences humaines, 273 (1), 2004) and of Alain Robbe-Grillet (Études littéraires, Automne 2005).

    My interest in the relationship between the press and twentieth century literature resulted in an essay on the literary interview (L’entretien littéraire. L’Anatomie d’un genre [The Literary Interview. The Anatomy of a Genre] (Classiques Garnier, 2018). My focus on the genres of discourse and Rhetoric has led me to conduct some research on the question of the audience in the press and in websites of political leaders (for my publications, see link). In recent years, I have been working on multimodal discourse involving combinations of texts and images. My latest research (2016-2019, ISF grant, 2020 ISF workshop grant) focuses on representations of Israel in tourist guidebooks and photo albums. Since I believe that the researcher is committed to give back to society, I have translated the results of this research into an exhibition (https://israelsbiu.wixsite.com/israelshe).

    I am currently working on a digital humanities project involving a data base of the material collected during my ISF project. The idea behind this project is to create an online archive of the materials collected during the project and to build a free access online database that will include, in addition to private collections, a link to national collections and ephemera. The data base will enable comparisons and cross-referencing of textual, visual and material information, in order to recreate the images of the State of Israel in the various periods of its existence. The multilayered information it will contain will be accessed and used by scholars in the various disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Archeology, Literature, History, Tourism, Anthropology).

    In 2014-2016, I co-piloted (with Prof. Silvia Adler), a community engagement project (financed by the Council for Higher Education) for the improvement of French language skills through work with French Speaking elderly (https://afls.net/cahiers/21.1/Cahiers_21(1)_2-Adler_&_Yanoshevsky_2017…).   

    I have thirty years of teaching experience in Tel-Aviv University, Sapir Academic college and Bar-Ilan University, in both French and Communication Departments. For courses taught, cf. link.

    I was invited professor and lecturer to several universities abroad, amongst which:  Université Franche-Comté (Sept.-Déc. 2017 bourse régionale Bourgogne Franche-Comté mobilité entrante de professeur invité), Sorbonne Universités, CELSA_GRIPIC école du journalism (Dec. 2017), Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour, UFR LLSHS (Nov. 2017), Sherbrooke University, Canada, centre de recherche GRELQ (Oct. 2019), McGill University, Canada, French Departement (Oct. 2019), Pisa University, Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics (Nov. 2019)

     In 2013 I was awarded Chevalier dans l'ordre des palmes académiques.



    1. Discourse analysis with special interest in genres: media genres (old and new media), hybrid genres
    2. Rhetoric and argumentation
    • Visual argumentation
    • Non-persuasive genres
    • Multimodal discourse: visual and textual compounds in old and new media
    1. The circulation and repetition of texts and images across genres in literary contexts and in the context of national identity construction.
    2. Literature – para-literary genres, scam studies, genres at the cross-section of media and literature
    3. Twentieth-Twenty-first century literature in France
    • The New Novel in France, especially their theoretical writing and reception (Nathalie Sarraute, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Roland Barthes)
    • Author portraits (the sociology of literature)
    • The interview, literary debates
    • Transmedial literature (from page to stage)
    • Life stories (of immigrants)
    1. Tourism discourse: Constructing national identities through guidebooks and photobooks, national identity, nation branding


    2019-2020    ISF (Israel Science Foundation) International Workshop Grant, PI
    The discourses and materialities of Tourism

    2016-2019    ISF Personal Grant, PI
    Representations of Israel in French-Language Travel Guidebooks from 1948 to the Present Day

    2018-2021    FWO (Flanders, Belgium Science Foundation), with David Martens (PI), KU-Leuven, Jean-Pierre Montier Rennes-2, François Valloton, Lausanne
    The construction of countries: the collections of phototextual "Portraits de pays" (1950-1980)

    2015-2016    Vatat-Malag (Council for Higher Education, Israel), with Prof. Silvia Adler
    Social engagement project on "Life Stories of Immigrants from French Speaking countries"

    2014-2015    Vatat-Malag (Council for Higher Education, Israel)
    Social engagement project on "Life Stories of Immigrants from French Speaking countries"

    2013-2016    FWO (Belgium) with David Martens, KU-Leuven (PI), René Audet (U. Laval, Canada), Jérôme Meizoz (U. Lausanne) et Dominique Maingueneau (Paris-3 Sorbonne).
    Literature as Cultural Heritage


    I am committed to the supervision graduate students, both M.A. and Ph.D. on various topics in French literature and culture, communication studies and discourse analysis.


    2016-2020 – Dr Maya Michaeli, Les relations France-Israël tel qu’elles se déploient dans les guides touristiques de langue française.

    2019-2022 – Dr Tal Sela, Pilgrimage to Israel from French Speaking Countries in West Africa


    2021 - Élodie Raulet – La table et la cuisine israélienne – une histoire de transmission – in preparation

    2021 - Charmian Lezmy – in preparation

    2016-2021 – Maxim Lengo, Image Repair Using Online Social-Media: The Case Study of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Affairs

    2014-2020 – Moran Pollack, Building Identity in a Computer Mediated Environment: Image Construction on Dating Sites, Social Networks, and Virtual Games

    2008-2013 – Valeria Pery-Borissov, Dire l’exil. Genre discursif et image de soi dans l’œuvre de Nancy Huston et Andreï Makine (w/ Roselyne Koren).

    Master (M.A.)

    2021-2022 – Yael Harmelin, L'imaginaire du patrimoine juif médiéval en France dans les discours touristiques destinés aux voyageurs israéliens : Analyse de supports touristiques des régions Provence et Alsace

    2018-2019 – Pnina Bendavid Azran, L'Aliyah de France : Aliyah ou immigration ? Éléments d'intégration. Le cas de figure des retraités français d'Ashdod 2006-2016 (w/Silvia Adler)

    2018-2019 – Tslil Rasooly, Creating a Cohesive Community through Religion Classes. A Case study of Rabbi Naouri’s Classes for Women

    2017-2018 – Inbal Vaknin, Stories of ‘Aliyah’: Linguistic, Narrative, and Rhetorical Traces of Immigration Experience in North African Senior Immigrants' Discourse (w/Silvia Adler_

    2015-2017 – Lévanah Aflalo, Être Juif entre la France et Israël : l’expérience personnelle comme reflet de la cristallisation identitaire.

    2014-2015- Tal Tavyumi. Visual Arguments in Minority Groups' Protests and their Media Coverage in Israel 2006-2012

    2013-2014 - Gaëlle Aïnouz, Témoignage du vécu : Ecrire le quotidien dans les camps de transit en France 1941-1945. Analyse de la correspondance des internés

    2012-2013 - Sandra Las, La notion de belgitude dans le cinéma belge des années 1990 : le cas de Jaco Van Dormael, Jan Bucquoy et Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne




    I have taught numerous classes – elective courses and seminars (beginners and advanced) -  on the following subjects:

    1. French culture
    • Introduction to French culture and literature
    • Life stories (related to community engagement project)
    • The literary interview
    • Escape room
    • National identity and tourism discourse
    1. Discourse analysis and Rhetoric
    • Academic writing, textual analysis methods, guided reading
    • Introduction to Rhetoric
    • Introduction to Discourse Analysis and Argumentation
    • Visual arguments, multimodal discourse
    • Tourism discourse
    1. Literature (20-21st century)

    Various literary courses: New Novel, Specific authors (Nathalie Sarraute and Alain Robbe-Grillet), Ultra-contemporary literature, the literary interview, Avant-Garde manifestos, polemics in literature, the relationship between media and literature (transmedial authors), award winning novels, introduction the literary theory, writing in the first-person, the detective novel in France


    Our Master and Ph.D students take classes in the undergraduate program. However, they are also entitled to tutorials related to their respective dissertations, which I have done on numerous subjects such as writing in the first person, testimony, framing in the media, image building (in literature, old and new media), the construction of national identity, intercultural relations in literature, immigrant literature, identity construction in an intercultural/migratory context, media genres, visual arguments, multimodal discourse, tourism discourse.


    BOOKS (as author)

    1. 2006 Les discours du Nouveau Roman. Lille : Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 336 pages.
    2. 2018 L'entretien littéraire, anatomie d'un genre. Paris : Classiques Garnier, 250 pages.

    BOOKS (as editor)

    1. 2018 Yanoshevsky, Galia (Ed.), Éthique du discours et responsabilité. Mélanges offerts à Roselyne Koren. Limoges: Lambert-Lucas, 233 pages.


    1. 2021 Yanoshevsky, Galia, "Circulation, critique et patrimonialisation des photographies.  Le cas de figure de Beno Rothenberg", Magali Nachtergael and Charlotte Foucher Zarmanian (Eds.), Circulation, critique et patrimonialisation des photographies., (pp. 223-239). Rennes: PUR. [in French]
    2. 2021 Adler, Silvia and Galia Yanoshevsky, "Chroniques de bande dessinée en tant qu'articles d'opinion: le cas de Rishoumon d’Ilana Zeffren". In Alexis Lévrier and Guillaume Pinson (Eds.), Des colonnes et des cases. Presse et bande dessinée, une histoire sans fin, (pp. 297-312) Paris : Les Impressions nouvelles. [in French]
    3. 2020 Yanoshevsky, Galia, "Potentiel et actualisation du branding dans l'entretien littéraire : le cas d'Amos Oz". In Marie-Eve Thérenty and Adeline Wrona (Eds.), L'écrivain comme marque, (pp. 187-202) Paris: Sorbonne Universités Presse. [in French]
    4. 2020 Yanoshevsky, Galia, "L’identité de l’Un dans le regard de l’Autre: Israël dans les guides touristiques et la question du locuteur collectif". In Paola Paissa and Roselyne Koren (Eds.), Du singulier au collectif : contruction(s) discursive(s) des identités collectives dans les débats publics, (pp. 129-147). Limoges: Lambert-Lucas. [in French]
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    ISRAELS - Portraits of Israel in tourist guidebooks and photo albums 2020 - Exhibition

    ISRAELS | Portraits of Israel in tourist guidebooks and photo albums of Israel (wixsite.com)

    David Catarivas, Israël, Seuil, coll. Petite Planète, 1957


    Prof. Silvia Adler et Prof. Galia Yanoshevsky s’entretiennent sur les études de Master d’analyse du discours au département de culture française à Bar-Ilan (youtube)

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