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Prof. Silvia Adler

Bâtiment Kort , 3e étage, Bureau 304
Fields of Interest

French linguistics: syntax, semantics and pragmatics; Ellipsis, thrifty language; prepositions; quantification; intensity; approximation and precision; general unspecified nouns; Meaning-making in comics and other multimodal texts.


    As Full Professor in the Department of French Culture at Bar Ilan University I specialize in both French linguistics and Multimodal Discourse Analysis. I was initially interested in ellipsis, thrifty language, and simple and complex prepositions, to which I devoted a book (Ellipse et Régimes des Prépositions Françaises. Louvain – Paris: Peeters Publishers, BIG, 2012), as well as a large-scale research that resulted in numerous articles. My interest in prepositions also led to an extensive research on intensity and scalarity, as well as on approximation and precision. In recent years, I have been conducting a large-scale research on French general unspecified nouns which led to a series of papers dealing each with a different aspect of the question, and culminating in the co-edition of a thematic issue at one of the most highly valued French linguistic journals Langue Française (2018). I have been examining questions related to cohesion, reference, taxonomy, general nouns' capacity to refer to media events or to create media events, their exploitation in a big data corpus, and so forth (Adler, 2014-2018). In recent years I also began exploring paratactic syntax. I was tempted by the idea of exploring potential areas of overlap between ellipsis and microsyntax and to examine thrifty language from a much broader perspective, beyond the scope of the prepositional phrase. To that end, I began studying reduced hypothetic constructions and later on syndetic and asyndetic parataxis in advertising slogans. As much as these research areas, another facet of my work in the past few years – comics, graphic novels and other multimodal texts – is motivated by strategies of meaning construction. Comics and graphic novels' multimodal nature offers an intriguing platform for the study of rhetoric and argumentative devices, and for the exploration of ellipsis, silence, and implicatures – all being forms of thrifty language.

    I have more than thirty years of teaching experience at Tel-Aviv University (in the department of French Language and Literature), Haifa University (the department of French language and literature; the department of Hebrew language; The department of English language and literature), Sapir Academic college (Communication School, the rhetoric division) and Bar-Ilan University.

    I chaired the department of French Culture (faculty of Humanities, Bar-Ilan University, 2014-2016) and the program for Gender Studies (the interdisciplinary studies unit, Bar-Ilan University, 2017-2018).

    Member of the ILASH Council (IAAL - Israel Association for Applied Linguistics)

    In 2019, I was awarded Chevalier dans l'ordre des palmes académiques.

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    General and French linguistics: syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

    More precisely:

    Ellipsis, thrifty language

    French prepositions and prepositional idioms,

    Degree, scalarity and intensity

    Prepositional quantification

    approximation and precision

    General unspecified nouns

    Strategies of meaning making in multimodal texts. Comics, graphic novels, political campaign ads, etc.

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    COURSES and SEMINARS TAUGHT/ TEACHING EXPERIENCE (French Dept., Tel-Aviv University; French Dept., University of Haifa; Dept. of English language and Literature, University of Haifa; Dept. of Hebrew Language, University of Haifa; Communication Department, Rhetoric Division, Sapir Academic College)

    The Structure of Language – the Simple Sentence

    The Structure of Language – the Complex Sentence

    Grammar 1: The simple sentence

    Grammar 2: Types of sentences

    Grammar 3: The complex sentence

    Applied Grammar

    Textual Grammar


    French – beginners

    French - Advanced level

    Written expression

    Tools for French expression

    Written expression: Convincing and strategic communication

    Business French


    Contrastive Syntax: Hebrew – French

    Problems in Contemporary French

    Translation Hebrew-French

    Error Analysis – Hebrew-French (comparative and applied linguistics)

    From source language (Hebrew) to target language (French):  Lexical components   


    Introduction to Linguistics

    Lexicology and Lexicography

    Ellipsis & Thrifty Language

    Introduction to Pragmatics

    Language and Society

    Methods in Text Analysis (Argumentation & Rhetoric)

    Guided reading of the written press: rhetorical and linguistic tools


    Tendencies in Contemporary French Comics

    The French Comics Tradition

    Guided reading of Francophone (Franco-Belgian) Comics

    Meaning construction in Franco-Belgian graphic novels

    Franco-Belgian comics: between the big story and the small stories

    Guided reading: Leading French and Belgian comics authors

    How do you say it in comics? (in English)

    Rhetoric and Argumentation of the Illustrated Text

    Guided reading: Relationships in Franco-Belgian Comics

    Guided reading: Representations of Catastrophe and Holocaust in Franco-Belgian comics

    The Franco-Belgian comics - seminar


    Documentation and Conservation of Life Stories of French Speaking Elderly in Retirement Homes and in the Community


    Rhetorical and linguistic tools for the analysis of mono- and multimodal texts

    Issues in Contrastive Linguistics: French-Hebrew 

    French Media and the language of Advertisement

    Famous speeches in the history of France

    French Phonetics - workshop

    Investigating Communities - A project driven course




    article BD et Shoah - analogies à visée argumentative

    Interview radio Qualita  

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    מראה, מראה שעל הקיר מגפה שיש להכיר (biu)

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    Continuité référentielle dans le langage médiatique écrit français et anglais: le cas du nom général "situation" (univ-poitiers)

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